William S. Lerner Introduces The Safest And Easiest Way To Find Parking Garages In Greater NYC

NEW YORK CITY (December 7, 2015) – Many automotive technology features which were created to enhance safety can actually become major distractions for drivers. With 25% of all accidents being caused by driver distraction, many of them now result from user error with navigation systems.  Accident statistics surge in congested, downtown/urban areas because of drivers negotiating unfamiliar streets or looking for parking garages.  The latest hands-free/voice-command technologies allow drivers to keep their hands on the steering wheel, eyes on the road, and park safely at their destinations.

“The newest Android and Apple phones have a voice command that turns the phone on,” says William Lerner, automotive safety expert and executive consultant for iPark/Imperial Parking.  “Before approaching your vehicle, to find the nearest iPark garage, these are the steps to follow with a Galaxy S6 Edge (for example):  ‘OK, Google...Open Google Maps...OK, Google...Navigate to the nearest iPark’.  These simple steps will get you to your destination in the fastest, safest way possible.”

Voice-command navigation works the same way using Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, which will soon become the model of in-car navigation systems.  Available heads-up displays (navigation projected directly onto the windshield above the steering wheel) place turn-by-turn directions in front of your car, eliminating the need to look at the navigation screen on or in your dashboard.  Whether visiting NYC from a local area or out-of-state, this technology will safely navigate to the iPark garage closest to your destination.

About iPark:

Founded by Jack Lerner, Imperial Parking Systems, now iPark, has been in the parking business for over 60 years, and is currently New York’s largest family-owned parking garage.  Imperial Parking Systems began with a single 25-car lot and Lerner’s commitment to service and attention to detail. Decades later, iPark stands as a growing monument to the vision of its founder. With over 100 parking facilities throughout metro New York - and still growing - iPark is a pinnacle of service in the parking industry. www.ipark.com.