The International Organization for Standardization

With the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Lerner is a delegate and voting member on six ANSI-accredited hydrogen technologies Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) for:

ISO/TC 58, Gas cylinders
ISO/TC 58/SC 2, Gas fittings
ISO/TC 58/SC 3, Cylinder design
ISO/TC 58/SC 4, Operational requirements for gas cylinders
ISO/TC 197, Hydrogen technologies
ISO/TC 220, Cryogenic vessels

He is a member of ISO/TC 220/TG 1 – Task Group (TG 1), which is responsible for the preparation and review of ISO 22103/Cryogenic vessels — Tanks for liquefied natural gas on-board storage — and operational requirements for automotive vehicles.

He is also a registered ANSI-accredited U.S. expert on four ISO Working Groups (WGs) in the hydrogen technologies sector:

• ISO/TC 197/WG 5, Gaseous hydrogen land vehicle refueling connection devices.
• ISO/TC 197/WG 22, Gaseous hydrogen fueling station hoses.
• ISO/TC 197/WG 23, Gaseous hydrogen fueling station fittings.
• ISO/TC 197/WG 24, Gaseous hydrogen fueling stations – General requirements.
• ISO/TC 197/WG - Gaseous hydrogen fueling dispensers – General requirements.

These WGs include hydrogen filling station components and their attachments to hydrogen powered vehicles for all participating countries.